Annular Cutter Bits

October 14, 2015
nitto kohki mag drill

Nitto Kohki Auto Mag Drills

Nitto Atra Ace portable magnetic base automatic drilling machine: We love to work with Nitto Kohki with their line of automated magnetic drills. Advanced Technology Reducing […]
March 22, 2015
tialn coated mag drill bit

Tialn Coated HSS Annular Cutters

When producing holes through harder materials like stainless steel – it is recommended to use a harder annular cutter to increase tool life and keep the […]
November 2, 2014
hougen sharpening servie

Recently install our third annular cutter sharpening machine

With the high demand for our sharpening service for the annular cutter bits we decided to add the Hougen 10950 magnetic drill cutter sharpener. The Model […]
August 14, 2014
how does the pilot pin work

how does the pilot pin work on annular cutters

Annular cutter pilot pins: How they work… Center hole for pilot pin accurately aligns the cutter, allows for internal lubrication and removes the slug. The pilot […]
July 11, 2014
metal drill speed settings

Metal Drill Feeds and Speeds

Metal Drill Feeds and Speeds – Different drilling conditions make it impossible to develop any rigid rules for feeds and speeds when drill metal materials The […]
January 16, 2014

New Urethane 2″ Die Insert

October 1, 2013

Bison Brand Annular Cutters

Introducing our line of BISON Brand Annular Cutter Bits. These cutters are an affordable line of quality cutters. This tool has a dual alternating tooth geometry […]
September 22, 2013

Evolution Carbide Tipped Annular Cutters

Carbide Tipped Annular Cutters Evolution offers a full range of annular cutters, for use with magnetic drills. Annular cutters save time and energy when compared to […]
September 19, 2013

Save 5 % on Bison Tool Iron worker Tooling

Save 5 % on our iron worker tooling pricing with order of $ 75.00 or more. Includes free shipping. Valid until 12/31/13