Sterling Band Saw Blades

Diamond “Sterling” Band Saw Blades:diamond sterling band saw blades

Diamond Saw Works, Inc. got its start in Buffalo, New York in the 1890s making hacksaw blades and saw machines. Today, Sterling® products are sold through a distributor network supported by strategically located  U.S. warehouses, providing prompt service. The corporate headquarters and factory are located in Chaffee, NY.

Quality Products:metalworking band saw blades
The latest technology goes into the production of every Sterling® blade to ensure precise and consistent quality. Weld centers are located across the U.S. in major industrial centers to ship your order for specific-length bandsaw blades quickly and efficiently. Each order is inspected and shipped in the innovative packaging designed to protect blades from damage, and reduce injury.

Our listing are for the Sterling:


Super Weld MX – Bi-Metal Matrix II  design 

SUPER WELD MX saw blades :

Feature a tough 8% cobalt matrix tool steel edge with a (65-67 RC) tooth hardness. They are available in Constant, Broach, Hook and Posi-tooth styles and are an excellent choice for all common metal cutting applications.

The Constant and Broach tooth styles have less aggressive zero rake angles that resist tooth strippage especially on smaller work pieces. The Hook and Posi-tooth styles combine an aggressive rake angle for faster cuts and are excellent choices for solid work pieces and larger cross sections of materials.


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Super Weld MX Saw Blade Catalog

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