RVP60 Rolla-V Die European style for material thickness to .079″


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RVP 60 model 1  generation 2:

Suitable for most press brakes with Amada/European style fittings or any machine with a flat bed.

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  • Improve productivity – eliminate secondary operations
  • Control distortion of holes and slots near bend lines
  • Consistently form short or tapered flanges
  • Produce virtually mark-free parts
  • Prevent cross-metal contamination
  • Minimize die changes – form a wide range of material thicknesses with a single die

A. Maximum Material Thickness

2 mm 0.079 in

B. Maximum Outside Radius

4.5 mm 0.177 in

C. Minimum Outside Leg Length

4.7 mm 0.185 in

D. Maximum Bend Angle

30 º

E. Tonnage Capacity

100 T/m 35 tons/foot

Standard Length

500 mm (16.67 in),  450 mm (15.17 in Sectioned)


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