CS 1225 6.6-gallon Wet/Dry Industrial Vacuum



CS 1225 6.6-gallon Wet/Dry Industrial Vacuum:

Pricing includes shipping charges to the continental US States.

Connect electric tools up to 115 AMPS – Can be used with or without filter bags.

  • Electromagnetic Pulse Cleaning System maintains maximum airflow and suction with automatic filter vibration.
  • “Power Take Off” outlet activates the vacuum ON/OFF from the power tool switch. Includes a 7-second shut-off delay to clean any dust in the hose.
  • 4 modes of operation: regular vacuum, power tool activation, auto-clean and auto-clean with power tool activation.
  • 99.93% filtration efficiency of particles of 0.3 microns.
  • Wet vacuuming capability with sensor for automatic shut-off to protect motor and filters.
  • Includes a 15′ hose and 25′ power cord for easy portability on job site.
CS 1225 Specifications
Power 11 Amps / 120V
Max. Tool Rating 15 Amps
Air Flow 130 CFM
Water Lift 98 in.
Filter Area 9.25 sq. ft.
Canister Capacity 6.6 gallons
Weight 24.3 lbs.






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