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Urethane Press Brake Film & Tools


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Urethane Press Brake Tools & Film:


1:  Urethane Press Brake Film:

MarFree™! Urethane from Bison Tool is the newest form of protection and cost savings for your dies and materials!

  • Prevents Marking On Various Materials
  • Produces Clean and Precise Bends
  • Available in 2”, 4”, 6” and 12” widths, .015” & .030” thickness
  • Reduces Wear on Dies
  • Competitively Priced
  • Safe and Easy to Use
  • Most Orders Ship Same Day or Next Day

MarFree™! Urethane will prevent marring die marks on a wide variety of metal bending polished including stainless steel, painted metal, aluminum and polished materials.

.015″  thickness is designed for lighter gauge sheet metal.  The .030″  is used for thicker stainless steel. aluminum and will last longer.

Save Time andprotection film for press brake

Money By Avoiding

Re-Polishing and

Buying New Blanks!


Urethane Die Film is economical and convenient solution to preventing marring when forming metal.  The film  is available in a broad range of widths & thickness.  Cut a length long enough to cover the working area of the die off the roll and double-sided tape it in place.

Material to be formed is the laid on top of the die film and standard bending practices apply.   The Die Cover Film prevents the part from coming in contact with the die therefore eliminating any marks.

 Die Cover Film will perform for numerous parts before having to be replaced with a new length.

Other solutions would be :  highly polishing the steel dies;  urethane press brake dies  or using urethane die cover film.

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 2: Urethane Press Brake Tools:

K•Prene® urethane female dies are designed for production and will not leave die marks!

They feature tremendous loadbearing capacity and excellent resistance to abrasion. These are manufactured in 48″ lengths and can be butted together as needed.

They are lightweight, easy to handle, stocked for immediate delivery and may be shipped via UPS.polyurethane brake dies

Desired opening equals 8X the material thickness if Mild Steel.

Stainless Steel requires 10x the material thickness for die opening.

Recommended for air bending, NOT coining.

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3:  Urethane Press Brake Inserts:

For a quick and effective way to avoid die marks on stainless steel, prepainted material, etc. simply position these 1″ or 2″ inserts in corresponding 90°bottom dies!

The K•Prene® insert will conform to a variety of punch tips. In addition to eliminating the secondary procedure expense of removing die marks, your die will now act like a universal bottom die.

The forming of expanded metal or mesh is simplified, as cracking is reduced and often brake urethane die insert

For guidance of the tonnage required with 1″ Acroform™ and a 90° bend in M.S.:

Just simply slip the urethane press brake insert into an existing female die .  The urethane insert sizes correspond to the nominal steel die opening – 1″ insert fits 1″ wide standard die. Use approximately 2″ longer urethane length than length of bend.

If long bends are being made, simply butt the urethane ends together (dies are available in up to 4′ lengths) using two-faced tape in the female die to prevent the urethane from separating at the joints . Press or die misalignment is not a problem as it is with hard steel dies.

Remember no-marks on stainless, aluminum, vinyl coated stock and pre-painted stock. Cracking is reduced and in many cases eliminated when forming difficult materials.


  • 20 ga. – 4 tons/ft. approximate
  • 16 ga. – 6 tons/ft. approximate
  • 14 ga. – 9 tons/ft. approximate
  • 11 ga. – 20 tons/ft. approximate

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4: Piranha Ironworker Urethane Strippers:

Replacement urethane strippers for Piranha P-36, P-3, PII-35, P-40 & P-50 Ironworker machines

Stocked in K-900A urethane – same durometer as sold on new machines.

Price is for pair of strippers:


For P-36, P-50 type machines: rubber discs for piranha ironworker

Size:  1-31/16″ I.D.,

2-1/4″ O.D.,

3″ length

For P-70 , P-90 and larger machines:

Size:  1-3/8″ I.D.,

3-1/2″ O.D.,

  5″ length

Stock, ships same day as ordered by UPS Ground

These piranha urethane strippers generate high holding pressure and strip the blank cleanly from the punch.  High load-bearing capacities.

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