Press Brake Tooling


Bison Tool offers a full line of press brake tool for most forming applications.


American Style Tools:   These press brake tools are commonly used in the fabricating industry.  Used for forming 90 degree bends, acute 30 degree bends, hems, corrugated forms, curls and other applications.

What are some of the newer innovations in the industry?


American style tools with the Wila “New Standard”  Tang:


wila new standard press brake tang

Simple way to update your press brake machinery and still use some of the tools you used on the older machine.  Great for expensive tools like radius     tooling, hemming, flattening die and other special application tools.





American style tooling with Wila, European or American safety tang are all now machined onto to standard American style tooling. 

Saves money over the more expensive Wila tools when using non-critical tools like hems, flattening and other  bottoming type tools.  We can help you with any press brake application.

wila tang american tool


american style press brake tooling

European-Tang for press brake



Die Lifter Series Tooling

Having trouble and reduce the fatigue factor for your press brake operators?   Try the “Die Lifter” series.  The die lifter is designed to minimize effort when changing out tools.  Can be used on your die holders or on your dies.   They can be installed into new or existing tooling.

press brake die lifter


Accurpress Tonnage Calculator

This is great tool to determine your press brake forming tonnage for a range of material and material thickness.  Simply enter your material thickness and material type –  the calculator will show you the required tonnage.  Great for A-36 or even stainless steel when there are no charts to provide an accurate tonnage.










Magnetic Press Brake Squaring Arm:

Drastically Reduce Setup Time

  • Attaches magnetically for instant setup –  allows small parts to be formed safely – hands free
  • Equipped with angle attachment for tapered flanges , attaches to die face with no intrusion into the forming area
  • Available in both left and right hand models   – both sides of the squaring arm can be used simultaneously

press brake magnetic squaring arm