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Ironworker Tooling Kits

Ironworker Tooling kit

Since starting off selling Ironworker tooling kits we have recently just sold our 1,000 tool kit.  Many of us have been in the metal fabricating industry for many years and have enjoyed working with different punching applications.  Most of our long term customers bought their first machine from us and have maintain a strong relationship through the years.  That first machine is typically an Ironworker to help add capabilities to their growing metal working shop.

Most Ironworkers will have metal punching, flat bar shearing, angle iron shearing, coping, notching with many options to add to the machine.  It is a great machine to start with and then add the band saw, metal shear, press brake, etc as the shop grows.

We started selling Ironworker tooling kits when we started up with our company website and added products to our store.  We have been selling the kits to our regional customers for many years as an easy way to tool-up a machine.  We have expanded the Ironworker tooling kits for almost every Ironworker manufacturer in the world.

The most popular style ironworker tool we sell is the figure # 16 punch and figure # 55 dies.  These tools fit Edwards, CST, Piranha, Pittsburgh and Hawthorn machines.  The second most popular would be the Scotchman style tool that fits the smaller Scotchman and Uni-Hydro Ironworkers.