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Ironworker & Punch Press Tooling & Accessories

Cleveland Punch and Die is a century-old manufacturer that is committed to providing valuable tooling solutions for results-conscious engineers as well as business managers and owners. CP&D strives to service the individuals and companies looking to improve their productivity and efficiency. 

We believe we offer very competitive pricing on Ironworker and Punch Press Tooling.  Compare our pricing against the others- we are a large CP&D dealer and are able to pass along our quantity discount to you – our customer.

Their commitment of quality, delivery, work ethic, integrity, value, and customer service have remained their trademarks throughout the years. Bison Tool is proud to represent this level of commitment and assist your company with any technical punching applications. 


Manufacturer’s  CP&D  Reference  Tooling Books:scotchman dvorak ironworker tool

1:   Edwards style tooling book

2:  Piranha-ironworker-tooling-book

3:  Geka style tooling book

4: Buffalo Ironworker Tooling book 

5:  Peddinghaus style tooling bookmubea bf-10 punch

6:  Mubea tooling Catalog 

7:  Scotchman / Uni-Hydro tooling book

8:  Spartan Ironworker tooling book

9: Kingsland Ironworker tooling book

10: W A Whitney Style 28XX & 36 TC tooling book

cst 228 style

 Punch Chart References

11: Ironworker tooling cross-reference Chart

12:   Metal Punch Tonnage Chart      

13: Ironworker Punch and Die Set Up Tips mubea h-1 ironworker punch

14: Keyways and notches on IW tooling