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Stair Way Rail Pipe Notcher

Stair Way Rail Pipe Notcher: Looking to produce a 35 degree metal stair way? The #1500 Angle Notcher miters your pipe or tube at a specified angle in two-press cycles. This unit will produce the 35 degree cope on one cycle and the 55 degree cope with the second cycle.  Knife sets are made of […]

Ironworker Tooling Kits

Since starting off selling Ironworker tooling kits we have recently just sold our 1,000 tool kit.  Many of us have been in the metal fabricating industry for many years and have enjoyed working with different punching applications.  Most of our long term customers bought their first machine from us and have maintain a strong relationship through […]

Ironworker Tooling & Blades

All of our Ironworker Tools are proudly Made in the USA!! We represent both Cleveland Punch & Die and Cleveland Steel Tool Companies.  The Cleveland Punch and Die Company manufactures more than just punches and dies.  They manufacture almost everything that is used on your ironworker. What better way to stock up your supply cabinet […]