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Evolution Cyclone Cutters

evolution cyclone mag drill bits

At a recent meeting, our sharpening department, indicated that 70 % of the annular cutter bits they sharpenedEveloution cyclone ussteel4 were the Evolution Cyclone cutters.  Considering the cutters are shipped in from all over the country, we decided to learn more the Evolution line of machines and cutters.  Love them!  The mag bits are priced competitively and stay sharp for good number of holes.   The cutters are backed with a guarantee from Evolution not to break.

To check out the quality and speed, we set-up a demo at one of our local customers.  We were impressed.  More importantly, the customer was impressed.  Check them out for yourself.

M2AL High Speed Steel Annular Cutters:

M2AL cutters have been developed as an alternative to the more common M2, M35 and M42 cutters. M2AL offers many advantages over these traditional cutter types.

Tooth hardness is optimized and heat treated to 68HRC to maximize cutter performance. M2AL cutters also include a tapered hardness from the shank, through the cutter body and to the cutter teeth.

This aids the cutters to be more resistant to the torque and thus prevent breakage.

If for any reason your annular cutter breaks during a cut, send back to us and it will quickly be evaluated for a free replacement.




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Annular cutter bits

annular cutter drill bit

Annular cutter bits are generally used in magnetic drills.  These drills vary in size, weight and their horsepower, thereby affecting the hole diameter they can drill. They are mostly used in structural steel but are also used in applications such as drilling truck frame rails, steel signage, guard rails, sheet metal and plate materials.

Magetic  drills normally use annular cutters as opposed to solid drill bits. These are hollow cutters, so only the outer perimeter of the drill is in contact with the steel, thereby significantly reducing the horsepower needed to drill a given diameter.

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