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Ironworker Tooling Kits

Ironworker Tooling kit

Since starting off selling Ironworker tooling kits we have recently just sold our 1,000 tool kit.  Many of us have been in the metal fabricating industry for many years and have enjoyed working with different punching applications.  Most of our long term customers bought their first machine from us and have maintain a strong relationship through the years.  That first machine is typically an Ironworker to help add capabilities to their growing metal working shop.

Most Ironworkers will have metal punching, flat bar shearing, angle iron shearing, coping, notching with many options to add to the machine.  It is a great machine to start with and then add the band saw, metal shear, press brake, etc as the shop grows.

We started selling Ironworker tooling kits when we started up with our company website and added products to our store.  We have been selling the kits to our regional customers for many years as an easy way to tool-up a machine.  We have expanded the Ironworker tooling kits for almost every Ironworker manufacturer in the world.

The most popular style ironworker tool we sell is the figure # 16 punch and figure # 55 dies.  These tools fit Edwards, CST, Piranha, Pittsburgh and Hawthorn machines.  The second most popular would be the Scotchman style tool that fits the smaller Scotchman and Uni-Hydro Ironworkers.


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Nitto Kohki Auto Mag Drills

nitto kohki mag drill

Nitto Atra Ace portable magnetic base automatic drilling machine:

We love to work with Nitto Kohki with their line of automated magnetic drills.

Advanced Technology Reducing Hole Drilling Cost.

nitto wa 3500 load detection

Some of the features of the Atra Ace auto magnetic drilling machines are:

• Overload stop detection system helps prevent motor and cutter damage

• Load detection system monitors and regulates motor speed and cutting feed for optimal drilling condition.

This system will improve your productivity, improve the cost per hole and provide longer tool life.




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Tialn Coated HSS Annular Cutters

tialn coated mag drill bit

When producing holes through harder materials like stainless steel – it is recommended to use a harder annular cutter to increase tool life and keep the drill speed up to the optimal rpms.  The Bison Tialn coated annular cutter makes that affordable.

TIALN COATED:  Titanium Aluminum Nitride ( TIALN) is a thin film coating that was developed from Titanium Nitride.  TIALN offers higher temperature resistance than TIN, as well as slightly higher hardness and especially higher hot hardness.  This coating works by forming a thin surface layer of Alumina ( AL203), or Aluminum Oxide ceramic.  As the layer wears it continuously reforms.

–  Is harder than carbide and chrome on the Rockwell C scale

– Is dense and non-porous

– Tools typically last 3-10 times longer than uncoated tools.

Use this coated tool for longer tool life or for cutting harder materials such as stainless steel, harden steel, etc.  Does not require very much lubricate, in fact, the hotter the material is processed, the better the coated tools work.

M2  High Speed Steel:

  • Hardened & Precision Ground
  • 3/4″  Weldon Type Flat Shank
  • Traditional V & Flat Dual tooth Design
  • Pilot Pin comes with each cutter and is included in the price

What is the purpose of coated cutters, or cutters made from premium steel?
Cutters made from M2 high-speed steel (HSS) are recommended for materials with a Brinell hardness number (BHN) of up to 275. A titanium aluminum nitride (TIALN) or similar coating may be applied to M2 to fortify wear resistance in materials up to 325 BHN. For materials up to 350 BHN, cobalt steel (M42) is recommended with a titanium nitride or similar coating.

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Recently install our third annular cutter sharpening machine

hougen sharpening servie

With the high demand for our sharpening service for the annular cutter bits we decided to add the Hougen 10950 magnetic drill cutter sharpener.

The Model 10950 has been specifically designed for resharpening Rotabroach “12,000-Series” and Rotaloc Cutters. Provides ease of operation while restoring original factory specified tooth geometry.

This machine is great for the Hougen 12,000 series cutters and we also have the fixture to sharpen the Hougen Rotoloc and the Hougen Rotoloc Plus cutters.

With this new machine we able to decrease our lead times for the sharpening services and also provide excellent results with all the different Hougen annular cutter geometries.

Give us a try and you will be very happy with your newly sharpened cutters.



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Unist 2210 Coolube

coolube 2210

Unist 2210 Coolube – Advanced Metal Cutting Lubricant

Are you tired of dealing with the mess with band saw and other metal working coolant?  This may be your solution.  No more coolant treatment or disposal.  No more hazardous waste or wet areas in the shop.  Easier clean-up at the end of the day.  Here are some of the Coolube benefits:

  • Improved Tool Life
  • Increased Chip Value
  • No Employee Health Concerns
  • No Fluid Oxidation (Stickiness)
  • No Coolant Treatment or Disposal

Using the right lubricant is very important in MQL applications. The perfect lubricant will adhere to the surface of the tool and provide a thin, low friction barrier between the cutting tool and work piece. Studies have shown that Coolube® has superior properties which make it an ideal lubricant.

Coolube’s® polar properties create a strong consistent bond between Coolube® and metallic surfaces.

Other impacts on your bottom line:  Reduced house cleaning cost and an increase in the recycling of chips because they are clean and dry.

Coolube is as good for your shop as it is for the global environment.  Its non-toxic formula is safe for workers and will not cause dermatitis.

We have small trial bottles available if you would like to check it out- send us an email with your address and application and we will send it out at no charge.unist chips