hougen sharpening servie

Recently install our third annular cutter sharpening machine

With the high demand for our sharpening service for the annular cutter bits we decided to add the Hougen 10950 magnetic drill cutter sharpener. The Model 10950 has been specifically designed for resharpening Rotabroach “12,000-Series” and Rotaloc Cutters. Provides ease of operation while restoring original factory specified tooth geometry. This machine is great for the […]

unist chips

Unist 2210 Coolube

Unist 2210 Coolube – Advanced Metal Cutting Lubricant Are you tired of dealing with the mess with band saw and other metal working coolant?  This may be your solution.  No more coolant treatment or disposal.  No more hazardous waste or wet areas in the shop.  Easier clean-up at the end of the day.  Here are […]

how does the pilot pin work

how does the pilot pin work on annular cutters

Annular cutter pilot pins: How they work… Center hole for pilot pin accurately aligns the cutter, allows for internal lubrication and removes the slug. The pilot pin allows you to accurately position the cutter. During drilling, the pilot pin retracts and allows internal coolant to reach the cutting teeth. When the hole is complete, the […]

Mr Deburr vibratory finishing tanks

We are new dealers for Mr, Deburr Vibratory Finishing Machines.  Made in the USA at a great low price.  $ 2599.00 includes shipping charges. New Mr. Deburr Model 300DB  3-cu.ft. Vibratory Finishing Machine replaces hand deburring with an inexpensive solution to your finishing needs. The 300DB will handle small part, high production deburring, degreasing, cleaning […]